Dr Fone android use for iOS??


I'd like to know if Wondershare Dr.Fone for android can be used for iOS devices, and vice versa.
I don't know if anyone would actually be able to answer this, but if you can it would be helpful. 

Thanks in advance 

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rickharris3 months ago

Not unless a version is made for IOS.

IOS / Android means the operating system. They are different.

Its like putting gas in a diesel car - not going to work.

super_me (author)  rickharris3 months ago

So that means to use it on an android and iOS device you have to buy the product twice, or if you buy one wonder share product, do you get access to all the other ones?

Generally yes. Operating systems define the code needed to run on them. There are ways fro programmers to "port" code from one platform to another but generally you have too pay twice.

The best person to ask is the cerator of the rogramme.

super_me (author)  rickharris2 months ago


karolinka7773 months ago

Wait for version for iOS