Draw high quality image on computer

thank you for reading/answering my question i have a cartoon charecter that i need to draw in a high quality i have gimp and paint but neither are working if you could recomend a free software i would be so grateful

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gmxx8 years ago
I would draw the character on paper, and then use a vector editing program like inkscape to edit it and vectorize it. Vector images will scale infinitely without losing sharpness
frollard gmxx8 years ago
Agree 100% - gimp's pen tool can trace any drawn pattern quite easily.
DELETED_DELETED_HIVLTGE1 (author) 8 years ago
Also zerogx my printer scanner isn't working so thank you both sorry if it taking forever to write these comments but im on the quest to become AMBIDEXTEROUS woot yay i rule yay cough..*hack*....blahhhhh thank you
You can draw it right in inkscape. It will work also. I just said the scanner way because it tends to be easier for most people. I personally design it on the computer, but to each his own.
DELETED_DELETED_HIVLTGE1 (author)  gmxx8 years ago
ok thanks
It should keep the lines smooth.... if not, i believe you can edit the lines point by point. I know illustrator can.
DELETED_DELETED_HIVLTGE1 (author) 8 years ago
Not to be mean to frollard but my printer scanner isn't working right now but thank you so much