Drill hole in glass bottle?

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I would like  to drill holes(3 to 5 mm) on a many of glass bottles(beer bottle). Could you point me what kind of DRILL BIT ( see photo please) is better'.Thank you in advance for your time.

Picture of Drill hole in glass bottle?
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Diamond core bit F3 WILL do it, but its more expensive than an F2.

+1 by far the easiest for larger holes.

I have used an f2 in the past and it works quite well. Just go slowly without any rushes and with a not very fast spin speed, otherwise the bottle will crack. Also, try to use water and to wet the hole to lubricate the drill bit.

lam (author)  tgferreira1843 years ago

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Rebreg3 years ago

f2 and also use a lubricant like water to reduce friction and prevent from cracking, also be safe when doing this glass shards are sharper than steel razors

Triclaw3 years ago

f2 go slow