Drill holes in computer speakers?

Best tool to drill 3/8 and 1/2 inch holes in computer speakers.

Get a step or cone drill- they'll drill really nice holes in plastic.
Failing that, you ideally need to modify a bit for plastic drilling, they need to scrape rather than cut, and you should clamp a block of wood inside the work.

Step drill is my favourite tool in thin materials.
keydogstony (author)  steveastrouk5 years ago
Man that made the task easy!! Went out to Harbor Freight and picked up a 3 piece set on SALE for only $8.99!

Thanks Steve for your great answer and fast reply!
Burf5 years ago
A drill and a standard 3/8 inch and 1/2 inch drill bit. Brad point bits are better in wood, if you have them, but the regular bits will do.
keydogstony (author) 5 years ago
Man it's dufficult to get a question actually publish.
Tried to make it as simple and few words as possible just to get it seen. Now the question in detail.

How to drill a ½ inch hole in plastic, like a computer speaker?

I’ve tried standard twist bits and even started small and graduated up in size, but when these standard bits reach the actual size they grab and really make a mess of the hole.

Need a really clean hole. I’m mounting Push Switches and Volume controls.

I’ve read that using a Spade bit would help. Not sure if they make a Hole Saw bit that small.

But since there are lots of individuals that do projects here at Instructbles, I’m sure someone has a better idea and experience with this type of project.