Drive DC water pump using Arduino?

I'm looking for a way to drive a DC water pump (12V) with Arduino.
It's for a uni project so it should be as cheap as possible.
Would it be possible to control it with a transistor? 
No speed varying is needed, only ON and OFF state.

Downunder35m2 months ago

If you only need on and off then it is a simple switching job with a transistor.
If you don't need a microcontroller a simple switch will do ;)

iceng2 months ago

Here is how you hook it up with a relay or directly in pic-2.

A lot depends on information you forgot to include like motor load current !

Be sure to click the pics to see a whole image :-)

rickharris2 months ago

relay. If you want better choices you need to give a lot more data - current voltage etc.