Driving speakers?

How do I drive speakers? Like, if I just soldered a cable and a jack onto a speaker, would it work? Or do I need some kind of circuit to go along with it? 
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gmxx7 years ago
depends on the speaker. if the speakers are small enough (think headphones or those speakers from the dollar tree) you can usually drive them without a pre amp or amplifier. If you are dealing with larger speakers, you will need to use an amplifier
Zem (author)  gmxx7 years ago
Thank you both! I can't choose best answer for both questions... But both helped a bunch.
radiorahim7 years ago
The music will play if you wire the speakers directly to a jack, it just won't be that loud (assuming you are using an ipod, computer, CD player...). If you want to be able to listen at normal volumes you will need an amplifier.