Dyeing sheepskin boots? any alternatives to conventiona suede dye?

I have a pair of bearpaw(?) sheepskin boots, that really need colouring..they are filthy and don't clean well. i want to dye them black. What kinds of dye can be used, apart from the $$$regular suede dyes? fibre reactive dyes? dyes for wool? hair dye?..i know you can use koolaid to dye wool (protein fibres) but they need to be boiled..i don't think my boots would be too happy being boiled.

the dye needs to keep the sheepskin soft and supple, not transfer to my feet..or wash off in the rain..

Any ideas?

jessesToons5 years ago
This seems really cool considering I love crazy colored items. I have been working on getting myself a par of sheepskin slippers!!! I have heard some really cool things about them and not to mention I live in a really cold place where the winters aren't nice! I have these in my sights. This is all so exciting!
Re-design6 years ago
Try dye made for leather clothing. Your local boot/shoe repair shop can help you there.