EL Wire and Paper watch!

Just thought of this! Has anyone ever tried to make a watch/clock using el wire? I thought of making a simple 7 seg led design with a paper (this modeling plasitc) cover/strap as a wrist watch... Get the insides of a 7 seg type led watch. Use electroluminescentwires instead of segments. Put the wires bhind a paper face which is designed as a single piece with strap. attach battery. BINGO! Only thing I've not been able to verify - need to use an el inverter for the display Anyone had any dealsing with this technology and can tell me about it.. meanwhile I'lll scour the instructables Thanks

you could probably make it work. a 7 segment led driver wont work with el though leds use around 3 volts dc el wire uses around 100 volts ac at around 1000 hertz. you would need an inverter to use el with a battery.
sParekh (author)  rocketman2218 years ago
I understand that I can get a battery-powered inverter for the wire. I think you are correct though - will need to use the 7 segs as input/switch for the inverter and let that power the wires Thanks for your input
At NeonString.com, I carry several el wire drivers that work on 1.5 volts. One of them is powered by watch batteries. It blinks, but I'm sure you could override that if you know much about electronics.