EL wire phosphor vs fluorescent bulb phosphors?

What is the difference between the phosphors used in fluoro tubes and the phosphors used in EL wire?
Can the 2 types be used interchangeably?
i.e can smash open (and should I smash open) a CFL bulb to get the phosphors inside to make EL wire?
How well would it work? (If at all)

iceng6 years ago
The principle difference is a CFL bulb the phosphors are energized by Plasma
( the fourth state of matter )...
EL wire and luminescent panels on the other hand are stimulated by a
capacitive AC effect and the phosphors are degraded by moisture.
El wire works best and longest on Sinusoidal AC.

rickharris6 years ago
CFL bulb contains a small amount of mercury vapour - Toxic!!

I think making EL wire is going to be a very uphill task.
You could follow this plan

or this  maybe not so uphill as I thought