Easiest route for me to take in the hopes of making a completely waterproof guitar hero/rock band controller(wireless)?

I've been looking for waterproof momentary switches, and the such, and was planning on a sort of plexiglass/silicon enclosure for the main electronics. It just has to be playable, not looking to set any records on it, more of just something cool to play with than a rock band expert's ultimate plaything. This is for use inside of a pool at a friend of mine's pool parties (shallow end) on the projector screen. Every other part of the electronics setup is directly poolside, a safe distance away, and raise away from the pool slightly. I'm tech savvy, and could probably figure this out, but as any DIYer knows, sometimes other people see an easier way that should have been apparent from the get-go, haha.

gmxx8 years ago
You could load the entire inside of the guitar controller with silicon grease, then plastidip the entire guitar. you will need to come up with a way to make the whammy bar and rocker switch to work, but that would be small potatos... Otherwise... use the waterproof switches you have been looking at.... you will need to waterproof the connections... the easiest way to do that is to hot glue or household goop the solder joints, spread evenly, and immediatly after you spread it, heatshrink the connections.
silly_world (author)  gmxx8 years ago
I have though of the silicon grease, but I'll have to look into the other parts of what you've said. The strum bar rocker would be easy, but would have to be a homemade rig with some waterproof momentary switches, unless i found a way to waterproof the underside of the switch without ruining playability. Thanks for the response!
if you stretched a rubber ballon over the rocker switch, and hot glued the edges, that would probably work. no mods nessacary... then plastidip the entire thing. Same goes for the whammy bar, but you would want to use one of those balloons used for tying a baloon animal