Easily removable electronics in Sentinel Prime?

Can I easily remove the sound chip in the "Dark Of The Moon" leader class "Sentinel Prime"?

 I'm Sentinel Prime! I'm Sentinel Prime! I'm sentinel Prime! That is probably what Sentinel would be saying over and over during transformation, if I had him of course.

Here's a link to a video review by Optibotimus of this guy, you can probably see why I want to remove the electronics.

If someone can help me with this, then I will thank you by name in my next instructable! After thanking you personally of course! 

Thanks for helping me with deciding my purchase! (;


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mpilchfamily10 months ago

Get the toy and pull it apart. Probably end up breaking the toy for good to get at the audio circuit. They tend to have the body of these things snapped and glue together rather than spending money on screws.

No idea why you would want to remove the audio circuit. If it's just a matter of stopping it from making noise then find the battery compartment, take a small phillips head driver and remove the battery. If you want to remove it for another project then your looking at the wrong thing the get the voice into a project. The sound quality of these things sucks. Get a cheap 9V recording module from Radio shack and find the audio clip of your choice to record to it. Then you can be more flexible with the audio. Alternately you can use an arduino with a Wave shield and have multiple sound clips on an SD card that can be called up based on what button you push.

Craft maker infinity (author) 10 months ago

Well, it's not just to stop the noise, but it's also to remove some "top heaviness". Most of the electronics are in his back, that is why he falls over so easily. Can you tell me where the battery compartment is? If it is in his back, than removing the batteries should remove some weight, shouldn't it?

Anyway, thanks for commenting on my question, you did answer part of it. (:


The electronics don't weigh that much. The batteries are those small button batteries. That combined with the rest of the electronics only account for a few grams. It's off balance because of the wings on the back. It's made to be fairly accurate not to be displayed standing on it's own. Get a display stand for it if you want to display it.

Craft maker infinity (author)  mpilchfamily10 months ago

Okay, thanks. Btw, are you able to move the wings in some way as to make it not as back heavy? It certainly looks like it. (The reason why I asked is because I wanted an answer to these questions before I buy it.)

You will be able to find a way to pose it so it will stay standing

Craft maker infinity (author)  mpilchfamily10 months ago

I don't care that much about it being movie accurate, as long as it stands up, and has good articulation, that's good enough for me.

Thanks a whole bunch!

I may buy it! Well, it's only $45.00 on Amazon so, that's a great price!