Either my lens or mirror on my SLR had scratches on it. How can I "fix" pictures in Photoshop?

I'd like to keep the quality high so I can make poster-sized prints.

If you have to resort to using Photoshop rather than fixing the camera, I think your best tool would be the clone stamp tool.

Here is an example of removing a photo date stamp. Removing scratches would be the exact same process:


Note: I've done this many times myself restoring old photos so I know it works quite well.
Re-design8 years ago
Is this a film or digital camera? If digital have you cleaned the sensor and scratched the uv filter? If you've not cleaned it then it may need cleaning. Cleaning it is easy but must be done carefully.

To answer your question got to this link and search this forum. It's frequented by very talented photo "fixers" and they have probably already answered you question. If not then post the question. THey love to help.
lemonie8 years ago
Can you post an example picture? Hard to answer without knowing what you've got. L
orksecurity8 years ago
The mirror isn't part of the photographic image path -- it flips out of the way when you take the picture -- so the problem is your lens, or (much more likely) the damage to the film itself (dirt in the film path can cause that, or sloppiness in handling the film). I don't use Photoshop, but... Check its help. Some image editors have modes in which they will help you interpolate across a damaged portion of the image. If not, it becomes a somewhat laborious process of cutting suitable "textures" from nearby and painting them over the scratch. Quality in that case depends on your skill and patience at doing this touch-up.