El Wire Help?

I am recently getting back into electronics after a 4 year break. I am asking for some help on this one. I want to make a DeadMau5 head(If you have no idea what im talking about a quick google search should help). My problem is that i want to make some el wire flicker to the music goin on around me. The simplest way possible preferably using an electret mic and no micro controllers or anything crazy. Any an all help is appreciated. Please try to explain clearly. 

I agree. There's no point in reinventing the wheel. Just get a battery pack that has the sound function built-in. http://www.ellumiglow.com/Electric-Optics-AAA-Sound-Activated-Battery-Pack-p/eoaaa6s.htm
frollard5 years ago
Keep it simple - there are el strips and el controllers that offer one or multiple channels that flash to music input.