Electric lawn mower runs for a few seconds then trips the house breaker.

When the breaker is reset it runs a few seconds and does the same thing? I was de-thatching when the problem first occurred so the mower was under load. There was no burning smell?

The mower is an 8-year-old 12 amp Homelite with a 21 inch cut .

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Toga_Dan7 months ago

breakers can get weak and easier to trip over time. It could be the breaker.

iceng7 months ago

It would be worth inspecting the motor brushes just to be thorough..

They should be square, sliding easily up / down and over the commutator bars as you turn the armature shaft..

DonM137 (author)  iceng7 months ago

Thanks for the offer but after a day or searching and calling local suppliers to find a suitable part I purchased a new mower. I appreciate your assistance, thanks again.

iceng7 months ago

You have probably have a damaged rectifier or less likely a partial armature short..

Click the pic to see the whole image..

iceng iceng7 months ago

Yes what to do.. No smell suggests the motor varnish insulation is OK..

Replace the DC bridge twice line 240V about 30A or 50A to handle the start surge..

If you can get a replace from Homelight good but don't thatch the lawn..

DonM137 (author)  iceng7 months ago

Is this the DC bridge? Do you know who provided motors to Homelite. My user manual parts list doesn't show a DC Bridge or even a motor. Homelite thinks another supplier made the motors hence the reason the engine is not shown in the exploded view. Can't find anyone local who has DC bridges.

DonM137 (author)  DonM1377 months ago

Sorry, I found the DC bridge thanks to you excellent picture. I thought the break resistor might be the problem since its mounting bracket was broken (check the most obvious fault first). I repaired it and still have the problem so I just need to find the maker of this motor or another source for the dc bridge.

iceng DonM1377 months ago

If you can supply pictures (as excellent of the resistor) of the bridge top, side and bottom, I may be able to find a replacement for you to buy..