Electrician help! Dimmer Switch says 'do not use with less than 60 watts'. Why?

I'm looking to run some screen lighting for my projector - but its only 30 watts total (among 5 lights tranformers, tolerant of funky AC)... Will the triac inside not fire properly without load?

NachoMahma8 years ago
. Some circuits require a certain amount of load to be stable. . My guess is that at low loads the triac will spend too much time not fully on or off and will overheat.
Alex1M66 years ago
Not sure if this helps but when I tried using a dimmer with a low wattage CFL bulb in my loft it made an audible buzzing sound appear at the consumer unit.
frollard (author) 8 years ago
Thats what I figured... Thanks.
. That is just a guess. ;)