Electronic Golf Cart Controller?

I live on a golf course and want to be able to take control of the electronic golf carts that come by my home.  My plan is to film the reactions of the old dudes that send their carts way ahead of them.  I realize this is probably taboo when it comes to golf but I think it would be funny has hell to watch their reactions when their carts move on their own.  Help me realize this and I will send you video of the fun.

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jessesToons5 years ago
I had all of these weird thoughts come into my head when I read the title of the article. I have heard some really great stores about people who install there golf cart wheels and tires wrong. Its so funny to see what happens with it, I love fixing things and seeing what improvements you can make with them, its great!
liamm13205 years ago
Thanks for all the great answers everyone. I was wondering the same thing. That is such a fun idea. I was thinking of getting some golf car tires, but the big kind. I think they still make those right?
I suspect you don't have access to the golf carts. So you won't be able to make the needed modifications to them to make them remote control. I'm also sure your not considering the cost of control systems you would need to pull it off with.

Setting aside the legal and safety issues of such a stunt. Golf carts use a mechanical switch that moves a large contact pad over other contact pads to activate solenoids that control the speed of the motor. You will either need to mechanically move the 'gas' pedal with a motor/hydraulic piston or use some sort of high current controller. Then all that needs to be tied into a receiver compatible with the controller you want to use. Your talking upwards of $500 or more in parts for a single cart. That's just controlling the cart moving. Never mind trying to conceal a system that can steer the cart and stop it.
zerben (author)  mpilchfamily5 years ago
I am talking about the portable golf caddies that operate on a wireless remote control not a golf cart.
There is a big difference between a golf cart and a golf caddy. Now which motorized golf caddy does the course use?

If its anything like the one in the video below you won't be able to do anything with that. Those follow a signal coming from the remote and it has a very limited range. Also each remote will use a different signal so there is no interference from others using the same system. The remotes themselves could be operating of an RF signal or even an ultra sonic signal. Even if you figure out the signals and frequencies being used you would have to be within 6 to 8 feet of the unit to make it do anything.

rickharris5 years ago
No can do without extensive expensive modification of the golf cart.