Electronic Stores in US? Where!?

Are there any electronic stores in US that I could actually walk into and buy Arduino boards or components? Other than radio shack. Are there any in say... Massachusetts?

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Dmxspider (author) 8 years ago
Just check yellow pages and found one, after flipping SOO many pages. (unconventional) You do it electronic store. Gonna go there later today. Thank you for your attempts.
seandogue8 years ago
Ok..been hearing about this all over in Instructables So what are it's features? DI/O AI/O uC Speed, language. etc.? pointers? thanks
$&$& nvm...no sooner than I typed it in the right side addie panel shows me a direct link...lolz..
Its just an AVR. Steve
gmxx8 years ago
As far as i know, there isnt any brick and mortar stores that carry arduinos. FRYS electronics carries a wider selection of electronic components than radioshack, but you might not have one near you. Check your yellow pages for electronics supplier, and suplus electronics.
lemonie gmxx8 years ago
Not Frys it would seem.

barband8 years ago
All the parts to make an Arduino board should be available through your local electronics stores catalog, and they may even be willing/able to order in a pre-assembled model FOR you. Check your yellow pages and visit a few places. FRYS is a fantastic place, but smaller mom & pop shops may be more willing to help you with requests.