Electronics store catalog swap anyone? Jaycar for Radioshack or similar.?

Would anyone like to swap a 2012 Jaycar Electronics catalog ( brand new from store ) for a Radioshack catalog if there is one? Jaycar catalog contains roughly 500 pages and costs $3.95AU. It would interest me to see prices and component / device differences between countries. If Radioshack catalog is not available, any similar will do fine as long as it has components, tools, devices etc. Standard electronics. www.jaycar.com.au if anyone wants to see the catalog online ( but I HATE online catalogs! )

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Re-design5 years ago
I don't think Radioshack has printed a catalog in years. I'm in there at least every other week and don't remember seeing a catalog.
I believe 2005 was the last year a catalog was published for the public.  You can view all the Radio Shack catalogs thru 2003 here.  It's sad to see what you could buy 20, 30, 40 years ago that's only available on Ebay now.
AtomRat (author)  Re-design5 years ago
The year of the catalog really doesn't bother me now, at least I know if I wanted to look now, i'd search for this 2005 one. To me it would be interesting to have a catalog from somewhere else just to compare prices, catalog design, and what technology differences there may have been about.

I have some magazines from the 50's and 60's and 80's. I find them to be awesome and antiques which I collect. As I said above, I may have some luck with the Ebay looking at some point. But I requested here because I thought it may be more common.

Radio Shack doesn't have a catalog. Also keep in mind your paying retail prices on things from Radio Shack. Request a free Mouser catalog if you want electronic parts.
blkhawk5 years ago
Many companies are opting for displaying their inventories on their websites. You can easily find and order whatever you need at their websites.