Epoxy paint on a garage floor. Doable?

I would like to cover my garage floor with epoxy paint.  How must the floor be prepped?  Whose product is best?  Any bits of advice?

Pick your product and follow there directions exactly. Typically you'll have to ruff up the floor. There are machines you can rent to do it for you otherwise you'll be crawling across the floor with an angle grinder trying to get it done. Once done you'll have to mop up the floor making it spotless and getting it bone dry before starting the paint job.

mstefani2002 (author)  mpilchfamily3 years ago
Thank you! What machine did you have in mind? I was planning to rent a floor buffer with a scrubbing pad. Also, what do you recommend for the cleaning compound? Thanks again.

Talk to the people at your local tool rental place. Tell them what you plan to do and they will point you too a concrete floor grinder.

You'll also need the angle grinder to get right up against the walls. To clean the floor just mop it up. You want to make sure you get all the dust off the floor. You will want to keep the area shut up after grinding and let all the dust settle before mopping.

It's tricky to do an epoxy floor yourself. You'll take it in small sections at a time so you can deal with any bubbles in the mix as you spread it. A heat gun or torch can take care of the bubbles. But you'll need to work fast. You don't want a previous section to start setting up before you lay out an adjoining section.