European Electronic Components Stores That Sell On-Line?

Do you know some European electronic stores that sell electronic components such as servos, DC motors, LEDs, resistors, online??? If you do, please post the link to their site! Thank you!

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and especially for Austria:
comodore (author)  RlyehDrifter8 years ago
I really love farnell...found a lot of things that I need, but not all... :/ Anyway, that is why I am giving you the .:;*!Best Answer award!*;:. ...congrats!
comodore (author)  RlyehDrifter8 years ago
This is great, i spen almost 2 hours browsing!!! It's a great site! Lot and lots of thing at good prices, most...... Thanks a lot RlyehDrifter!
And another one, I think it's my last tip, Graupner Robotics and here is Graupner Models
Noticed another one in my links, Conrad
Those are some cool stores I've never heard of before.
andagent4 months ago - good site, which works across the EU, America, and Asia.

Thank you for your wonderful suggestions and recommendations! It is
very comforting to know that there is a local or convenient
source for electronic component parts.@

Well, i am not in Europe,but we could send parts to your country,contact me if you need any electronic components.i mean any, we are electronic component supplier in shenzhen china.
looking forward to get your mails.
frenzone8 years ago
as for LEDs there's
comodore (author)  frenzone8 years ago
Thanks, but in my local shop they have lots of LEDs and on this site they are a bit expensive, but thanks! Do you know any site that sells all sorts of wires and servos and tools....???
Unfortunatly i cant' be of any help for that. I might suggest ebay, you can get almost everything over there. Bye!
comodore (author)  frenzone8 years ago
Yea, but my country doesn't have PayPal.... Thanks! :)
Derin8 years ago
I also need component stores that sell online but they need to ship to Turkey for cheap.
comodore (author)  Derin8 years ago
Well, your not far from my country...
Derin comodore8 years ago
You are in Bulgaria,right? If so,your country is pretty good!
comodore (author)  Derin8 years ago
No, but my country shares a border whit Bulgaria...and Romania...and Hungary...and Macedonia....and Bosnia...and Croatia....and..........
omnibot8 years ago
My old favourite is ELFA, although based in Sweden does deliver all over europe.
comodore (author)  omnibot8 years ago
I looked at the site. It's great and the best thing is that it delivers to my country! It has lots of stuff! Thanks omnibot.
Thank you for asking, I'm hoping to learn about other places. Is it just me or do large scale electronics and industrial shoppes have a problem with integrating the web into their salesplan?
comodore (author)  omnibot8 years ago
I really don't know, i have never bought any electronic supplies on the net from big industries... To me this is my first...
jinventive8 years ago
Here are some suppliers in the UK, however, the likes of farnell supply parts all over the world:

Rapid Online
RS Components