Explanation of Numbers on ATtiny?

I'm thinking about doing this project, which uses ATtiny13. I noticed this particlular one has the numbers 0624 and 20pu. I found some on ebay that have 1234 ATtiny13A 10pu or 0721 20pu? Are there any differences between these versions of ATtiny13?

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Look up the data sheet for the chip and it will tell you the difference between the ATtiny13 and ATtiny13A. Typically the difference is something like the input voltage rage of the chip. the regular chip uses between 27V and 5.5V. The Attiny13V can go as low as 1.8. Looks like the 'A' variant has similar voltage inputs as the 'V' and some slightly different characteristics as the others. But for what you are using it for those differences don't mean anything.

The other numbers are date codes. For example 0624 tells you the chip was manufactured on the 24th week of 2006. 1234 is the 34th week of 2012 and so on.
Arya42 (author)  mpilchfamily4 years ago
Thank you for you help. I am learning about electronics through projects and somethings I don't understand yet. What does 20pu or 10pu mean?
Like the V or A it's more manufacture code to designate specific features. You would need to compare the data sheets of each version to figure out what those differences are.
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I3L4ck5h33p2 years ago

click the data sheet.

All ATtiny13A’s are ATtiny13A’s those numbers mean the differences.

The numbers mean package, date of manufacture, place of manufacture, lot number and the like.

They mean something try this sight to find out:


Just enter ATtiny13A