Favorite homemade sausage recipe?

We're making homemade pork sausages over the next few days. Does anyone have a favorite recipe or set of flavorings to recommend?

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Joe Martin8 years ago
  • Pork & apple, always good!
  • Chilli flakes
  • Honey, Sounds odd but is very nice.
  • Mozzarella & sun-dried tomatoes.
They are some of my favourites!
Um, fire roasted Chillies :-)
canida (author)  Goodhart8 years ago
Mmmm. Maybe will try this with some more sun-dried tomatoes!
Goodhart canida8 years ago
This Recipe here , which is very easy, is very much like how the kind I normally buy is made.
although I normally sub chillies or Jalepeno for the black pepper.
canida (author)  Joe Martin8 years ago
We've definitely used chili flakes - good call! And I've got apple/sage on the to-do list. Honey doesn't sound too weird - it's mostly like using maple syrup. And I made a sun-dried tomato/feta/rosemary last night that was pretty awesome! Will have to try mozzarella.
Tomturbo8 years ago
one lb of ground pork.( I use wafer tin pork chops and grind them to medium fine in a hand meat grinder...but you can use a food processor too) add 2 to 4 teaspoons of sage..salt to suit...red pepper flakes to suit..1 tsp of white pepper.. and the final ingredient...three TBS of bacon grease as chops will be dry if fried by themselves..playing with this recipe gave me a decent clone of Jimmy Deans Original sausage..which I " LUB ".. :o) might take a bit of trial and error..make notes of each batch until you find the one you like..each batch makes about a dozen silver dollar patties..nice with fresh biscuits..
Fennel is fantastic with pork sausage.
canida (author)  HellaDelicious8 years ago
Fennel seeds or bulbs? I'm presuming seed for stronger flavor - will definitely nab some while I'm out today!
oh yes seeds, give them a little toast to freshen them up too...
canida (author)  HellaDelicious8 years ago
Thanks for the rec - fennel seeds worked well!
light with the fennel, yes