Feed duration validity and graph scale update?

Hi Becky,

this course is amazing and thanks for it. My project is working, but I have two questions:

1. How long time is valid my applet in IFTTT and feed in Adafruit. I have seen some value 1 hour on IFTTT page. Is it true?

2. On Adafruit page: my feed resulting graph time scale is too big, so all activities are joined to one vertical line. How scale could be changed? (I was working on this project within 2 days and there are activities on beginning and at the end - so maybe scale is monitoring activities from start to forever?)

Picture of Feed duration validity and graph scale update?
bekathwia4 months ago

Hi! Thanks. I'm not sure I understand your first question. I do sometimes notice a time lag on data coming from IFTTT, depending on what the trigger is. If you clarify your Q perhaps I could provide more insight.

Regarding your feed scale, just delete some outlier data points. Yes, your feed is monitoring activities from start to forever! So deleting some feed data or creating a new feed will help you see your graph more clearly.

kamil47 (author)  bekathwia4 months ago

Thanks for answer. My question is :

How long is valid my applet in IFTTT. That means , can i use applet created now, after one year, or can I use it every day for period of one year? My applet duration time ended by deleting this applet and feed in IFTTT and Adafruit?

bekathwia kamil474 months ago

Ah, got it. The latter-- neither have an expiration, though both have data throttling rules.