Final answers section incorrect?

In theory all 3 answers are IoT capable.
I originally chose the 2nd since in the class it was under "Do you want to be notified?", not that it would tweet (unless tweet means notified, this I don't know).
The 3rd one could use one of the many websites that give the time for different States, am I wrong or right?

bekathwia6 months ago

The question is worded in such a way to get your critical thinking cap on. It asks which one could be achieved without communicating over a network.

MarcoG76 (author)  bekathwia6 months ago
Oh, I re-read the title of the question: the keyword is "necessarily", now I understand why the correct answer is the 3rd!
zanod bekathwia6 months ago

Well, answer 2 - "Bird feeder tweets" depends on your definition of "tweet". If the bird feeder makes a bird-tweeting sound each time a bird comes to it, it doesn't need to be connected to anything - let alone the Internet.