Finishing raw edges without sewing?

I've kind of gotten myself into a pickle here....

I ironed interfacing on to the back of my fabric, and then cut out fairly small (2" or so) geometric shapes, thinking the interfacing would keep the fabric from fraying. Unfortunately, it is fraying a bit and I want to fix that. I am horrible with sewing machines though and it is too thick to sew through...I was thinking of maybe finding some magical kind of super sticky fabric tape to cover the edges? Any other suggestions? 

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OC6042 years ago

Thanks for recommending Speed-Sew Canucksgirl :-)

Saw it at Walmart
rickharris5 years ago
PVA or Copydex will glue fabric. there are iron on tapes intended for no sew hemming.

canucksgirl5 years ago
Fusible interfacing is meant to stiffen fabric, and is used for shirt collars and where buttons go, and generally doesn't help with fraying (as you figured out).

A washable fabric glue will stop the fraying if you brush some on the edges and then let it dry. Here, we have a product called Speed-Sew, and its awesome. I've used it on fraying edges; and you can patch jeans with it and wash it in hot water, put it through the dryer and it won't budge (plus it stays flexible). I'm sure there are similar brands in your area.
shortone (author)  canucksgirl5 years ago
Do you know where I could get Speed-Sew? I am actually in Canada going to school, I live in Calgary right now :)

In that case, you can find it just about anywhere... Walmart, London Drugs, Fabricland... They all carry it.

It looks like this: (awesome stuff). ;-)