First solar project. How do i connect a small solar panel to a batter to then supply power for a outlet?

So this is my first time taking a dip into small electrical work. I would like to take a small solar panel and use it to charge a small battery that could supply 5 watts of power for about 4-5 hrs through a standard outlet plug. what would i need to do so and any other guidance would be appreciated.

frollard8 years ago
The others say its impractical, but its not THAT impractical. To put out 5 watts for 5 hours, considering losses you want at least 10 watts of input for at least 5 hours. (arbitrary) Get panels that output 12 volts for a car battery (most common), then you can run a small digital AC inverter to created the wall-socket power you need for x (presumably charger).
you cant do that task easily, specially if your battery is not rechargeable, but rick harris may have a point..
rickharris8 years ago
Your plan is impracticable. Your battery won't give the same voltage as the normal wall socket AND will be DC not AC You would/will need a BIG solar panel to keep the battery supplied with top up electricity and a LOT of sun Shine. There is a good reason why domestic Solar power is almost unknown, and why it is expensive.