Flash Drive Shrunk?

My 8GB flash drive can only be formated for 250MB.  I installed an OS and now I took it off and reformatted but I can only get 250MB out of my flashdrive.

Dr. Pepper4 years ago
Uh-oh. (author) 4 years ago
I spent a few hours looking around last night and discovered this, my flash drive is just fine now.
since you have a Vista Computer type diskpart.exe in Windows Search and click DiskPart. Accept the UAC Prompt, Type List Disk, Select your Flash Drive with(Select Disk # ) then type the following the the provided order:
1. clean
2. create partition primary
3. select partition 1
4. active
5. format fs=fat32
6. wait for the format to complete
7. type assign
8. type exit
9. Done.

I don't have Vista, but this still worked great, so if anyone has problems I found an answer.
frollard4 years ago
It might have unpartitioned space, or a hidden partition taking up the other 7750 megs.

Windows has partition editor built in, and you can view the parts and see exactly what is where. You can't format a drive that has no partitions, and you can only format existing partitions to their given size. My guess is it was used on a mac as a backup or something, and the jfs (or whatever) file system is invisible in windows. There, but not shown.
Re-design4 years ago
Sounds like you formatted it "Fat 16" instead of Fat32.

Find "PL2315Config.exe" and use that to reformat the drive.

Good luck.