Flavorful cooking with habanero peppers?

I really like the flavor of habanero and have used various store-bought sauces in cooking. I'd like to try using habanero peppers in cooking, so I recently tried a raw habanero. The flavor was great, but the heat was overpowering. Is there something that can be added to raw habanero to bring out its flavor, but dilute its heat?

canucksgirl5 years ago
If you slice them open lengthwise and clear out the seeds etc and roast them you'll intensify their flavor (but won't change their heat). Many people will add roasted red bell peppers to the roasted habanero's and then freeze them. Mixing the two will give you more flavor without as much heat, and freezing a larger batch allows you to take smaller amounts as needed for cooking.

Sugar or other sweetness is often added with hot pepper recipes to tone down the heat a bit, and make it a bit more palatable. Milk, cream and sour cream also tend to make eating hot peppers a little easier.
andre429633 years ago

Roast them with bell peppers, then stir fry with carrots add onions and put on your rice.

A.J.B.5 years ago
You can eliminate a great deal of the heat by simply removing the seeds AND the membrane, as this is where the majority of the capsaicin is located. Cut it in half, or quarters, lengthwise. Then lay it flat - skin side down. Run a sharp knife through the habanero parallel to the cutting board, removing 1/16 to 1/8 of an inch from the inside, this is the membrane. Be sure to wear gloves.

Also, acids help neutralize capsaicin as it is mostly alkaline. Typically citrus juice or a nice flavorful vinegar will suffice while complimenting the habanero's flavor.
I have read that carrots can help to mitigate the heat of habañero peppers, and I have actually tried this with stir-fry containing both habañero (usually just one pepper) and chopped carrots. So I think this trick actually works. Either that, or I'm just used to the heat by now.

Also I have found serrano peppers,
to have a good flavor (to me they taste much better than jalepeños), but they are not as hot as habañero.   So that is my other suggestion, is to try some serrano peppers instead.