Flux core welding wire any good?

Im looking at wire feed welders but I don't want to screw around with gas, So is the gas less flux core wire any good??

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I find flux core good for certain jobs, especially if you do have to work outside with some wind.
The obvious downside are as mentioned the look of the weld and the fact that you are a bit limited by what you can weld properly.
Welding stainless stell with normal flux core works (not too good though) but leaves you with a weld that will rust.
The best of both worlds is to have a small gas cylinder for the jobs that need special attention and the right wire for the job.
A small spool often fits into the welder as a spare/replacement if working on the go.
Aslo the cleaning up is a bit more with flux core wire as the flux does build up nd won't disappear like gas and fumes.
For repair jobs on cars or similar I definately prefer gas over flux core, while for quickly wlding a gate frame together I would not really bother with gas at all.

camping crazy (author)  Downunder35m2 years ago

Thank you for the help!! The kind of work you are talking about with the gate is about the kind of stuff I do, Quick and dirty. I was seriously thinking about a stick welder but now I have a tough decision!!

swapeasy2 years ago

If you can use the gas. If you are going to be moving it from place to place, flux-core work's OK. Like steveastrouk said using gas works much better.

I have both a small Lincoln 120 no gas, only flux core.

And a Lincoln 135 with gas, this one stays at my backyard shop, the other one

is in my truck, and can be used any where there is a plug

I've never used flux core outside. Is it more stable than gas would be with a bit of wind ?

I have not had any problems with wind using the flux core.
If the wind is crazy, over 35 mph i guess it could be a problem.
But it has always worked for me no matter the weather.
The main thing is how nice you want the finished product.
If it is to sell something you are making, then go with the gas option.
If it is just for you/family/friend ect go with the flux.
Hope this helps.

Yes. Interesting, thanks.

I very rarely run MIG, I really prefer to TIG everything if I can.

Used correctly, its not bad, but you get much better results, and a lot less spatter with a proper gas torch MIG

camping crazy (author)  steveastrouk2 years ago

Alright, Thank you for the input!! Ive got lots of time to think about it.