Focusing Magnetism?

Hi y'all! I am wondering if it is possible to focus magnetism? Like if you have a powerful electromagnet with a less powerful electromagnet wrapped around it. Then if both are turned on, the small one will focus the larger one creating a straight electromagnetic field and making like a "electromagnetic laser".  Thanks, joespicnictables

kelseymh5 years ago
Nope. Magnetic fields don't work that way. If both are turned on, the fields will simply add (and they add as vectors at each point in space). You can use materials to either concentrate (such as ferromagnetic metals) or to exclude (such as superconductors or "mu metal") fields.
iceng5 years ago
We still don't have magnetic chairs but we can build a monopole like
Halbach array devices try....

The best you can do is use magnetic materials to concentrate and direct the field.