Font style: Can it be changed in an Instructable?

ok... now that I know how to change the font color (Thank you Canucksgirl and kelseymh), can you (anyone) teach me how to change the font style?  

lol... more succinctly:  Does anyone want to teach me how to do this? 

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artfulann5 years ago
I was JUST looking that up! face refers to font types
There are apparently some "safe fonts that work with PC and MAC ( arial, comic sans , courier, georgia, impact, trebuchet and verdana

I wrote this:
<font face="arial"> arial
  and then ended with the </Font> code.
bajablue (author)  artfulann5 years ago
Cool beans!
And next comes size..... seven is big
iceng5 years ago
Verdana is my longtime favorite...
bajablue (author)  iceng5 years ago
Isn't it the default font here at Instructables? ;-)
You know there is a font called Kool Beans....

crossing my fingers that this shows up for someone besides me...
bajablue (author)  artfulann5 years ago
No... I did not know that! :-)