FoodSaver Vac 500 pump parts?

I took apart my slowly sucking Vac 500 and discovered the plastic ring around the piston on the pump is broken and I'd like to replace the part.  Any leads?

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jstarrwith2rs5 months ago

If anyone is still following this thread, how did you get the piston off? I have the same problem and would love to attempt to fix it but I can't figure how to get the piston off. I removed all visible screws from the unit. Am I missing something?

accelv (author) 2 years ago

Thanks for the replies. I finally put a rubber washer on and shaved it down to the circumference of the piston then lbued it with grease. It worked for a while, but I finally dumped it and bought a used one on Ebay. That worked for a while, but the seals were leaking. So I'm ordering a new tape that goes atop the heater element. Such planned obsolescence with FoodSaver products. Watch The Lightbulb Conspiracy on YouTube.

rinky dink2 years ago

mine did the same parts available. Went to Home Depot and purchased small neoprene washer just a little smaller than the diameter of the end piece that the screw goes through. I then sandwiched that washer between the two pieces via the screw. This creates a small space/grove for the next step. I then bought a multi size o rings and stretched one onto the grove that I created and used some silicone grease and the unit works great.

accelv (author) 2 years ago

finally got to add images


Ahhh! Forget my previous reply!
I was not aware that it is a part you take apart.

These seals can be obtained but they are pretty hard to find in the right size, I am still looking for a teflon one for my compressor.
The seal works in the same way like an old hand pump for your bike.
Newer models use a ring and hole system - the ring can move a bit in the groove and when going back it seals fully, the piston goes to the front and the ring moves back allowing the air to escape.
Couldn't find anything better so take the pic as a guide only:

I am afraid you best option is to call the food saver support for a spare or to make a new piston with a rubber ring as in the linked pic.
If you are lucky than the rubber seal from a "no bang" washer for a household tap might fit as a replacement.
It takes a bit of work to get them off without damaging but would be worth a try if the diameter is right.

Black rubber ring ?

accelv (author)  steveastrouk2 years ago
Here is a pic of the piston with the broken "ring" seal that I need.

I guess with that broken part you are lost.
They only sell the top gaskets as replacements but no pump parts.

If you know someone with a lathe he should be able to make a replacement that fits from nylon otherwise the repair option for such parts are quite limited.

On mine it was standard rubber ring and I replaced it with a nitrile (green) one from the plumbing shop.
You need to use silicone grease for the pump and should clean it properly before putting back together.

accelv (author)  Downunder35m2 years ago
Thanks for the info. I have yet to find a shop that repairs these FoodSavers or a vendor that sells parts. I guess you just throw away the appliance if any little thing goes wrong. How wasteful! I'm just wondering how to fit a "inner tube" rubber gasket around the edge of the piston. It would seem to need a specific "C" ring to hold onto the piston as it pumps.

Can you upload some nice and detailed pics of the parts in question?