For a slingshot, what are other options for the little pocket that you load the ammo into besides leather?

I know that a lot of slingshots use a leather strip, but that's not available for me, so i was wondering if i could use anything else like felt, cardboard, etc.

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Anything that a non womans show would be made of.
anything that would be used to make a shoe such as sneakers and such, not synthetic boots though, would definitely be strong enough to use as a leather pouch.
leather is ideal as its leathery , and you need leathery materials for slingshot pouches.
nothing which is woven, it will freigh /unwravel eventually.
The leather tounge from a pair of shoes or boots, rubber bicycle inner tube, old canvass, a few layers of duct tape, leather or vinyl from an old purse, a piece of an old seat cover, anything that is fairly strong and flexible.
+1. Anything strong enough to withstand the forces, and flexible enough to (a) wrap around the pellet and (b) release it smoothly ought to work.
AndyGadget6 years ago
Canvas would be my choice - Rolled and sewn or glued at the edges so it doesn't tear under tension.
...plastic milk bottle plastic....polyethylene food wrap....