For reclamation of land we need a small serrated knife that is easy to get hold of and to carry around. Any ideas?

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seandogue6 years ago
I have a holster mounted tree saw I picked up at Home Depot a couple of years ago. and a small (5" blade) folding saw for my camping gear. I'd say look at Home Depot in the handheld tools section...or Lowes, or similar
iceng6 years ago
Murder ??? I'm thinking archaeology digs !

I guess, I don't live in a dangerous place.
I haven't carried a weapon since high school :-)

iceng6 years ago
Welcome FlamingK
I like these three serrated butter knives.
Be sure to mark the best answer, is you get one.

iceng iceng6 years ago
if, ( is was )
if you get one
orksecurity6 years ago
If what you're looking for is a pocketable saw blade, the saws on most multitools and swiss-army-style knives are pretty darned respectable. Short, but they cut fast and cleanly.
Could you be more specific as to what your are trying to accomplish? It would make it easier to help you if we knew exactly what you wanted.
kelseymh6 years ago
Generally speaking, using small serrated knives (especially those which are easy to acquire and to hide) to reclaim land is considered murder. Just FYI.
Don't know why you want a small knife to reclaim land, but it sounds like you might want a fold out locking saw. Or you could try a drywall punch saw. Hope this helps.