For this years science fair i want to do a electric bicyle, but charges in a green way, any ideas?

 I don't have a high budget, so that might be hard
I want to compare to a car.

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squirt85008 years ago
If you want to do something that is just for demonstration I would attach a motor/generator to something that you can spin and that would be fairly cheap but if you are looking for something that would see long time use, there are not very many non-labor intensive, cheap, recharging options.
There's a few projects that might be good, there's a solar trike that's an excellent demonstration of green charging, you could make a lot of things...
Burf8 years ago
Well, I don't know if you want to build a bicycle that is powered by an electrical motor, or convert a bicycle so that it can generate electrical power.
weekend-fun (author)  Burf8 years ago
Bicycle powerd by electric motor and gen its own power

An interesting idea, a bike that takes more from the rider on the level than you'd expect, and uses it to boost you on the uphill bits....A classic place to use Super-caps, but you'd need a fair few. You'll end up using a Nimh battery - perhaps even modify a cheap 24V power tool.
ad magnets to the axle and spin it in a coil.