Found-Fabric suggestions for napkins?

Wanted to make napkins and dish towels for new home.  Probably will try to reuse fabrics from local thrift stores / salvages.

Since I haven't invested yet, I can go with guidance- if anyone has fabric suggestions for what works well.

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canucksgirl5 years ago
Linen is by far the best (imo) for tea towels and napkins as long as you don't add fabric softener when you launder them. You want a medium to heavier weight fabric (tighter weave) as well as 100% linen (versus a blend). The fabric can feel a little stiff at first but after a few washings they soften up some and last just about forever. I've bought several pre-made tea towels over the years and nothing compares to the ones my mom made for me (out of 100% linen).

Since linen (at fabric stores) can be expensive, I like to source out different things like a top-sheet for a queen or king size bed. You get a ton of fabric out of it and quite often stores have more top sheets left as separates and will put them in a discount bin to get rid of them. Tablecloths are another good source for fabric. They may not be the nicest print for a tablecloth, but as tea towels or napkins, they can look great and if they aren't a popular sell, they too can be bought at a nice discount.
CrLz (author)  canucksgirl5 years ago
Awesome! Exactly the advice I was hoping for!