Free Cigar boxes?

Does anybody know where I can get free cigar boxes? also included, where could I get some free altoids tins?

orksecurity3 years ago
Good luck. Best suggestion I've got is to try to find someone who still buys cigars by the box, or become very good friends with a cigar store owner. There's a lot of demand for the better boxes.

Altoids tins: Find a friend who likes that candy. No other solution.

Or think about other small boxes which you might have access to. There's nothing magical about these two; they're just "traditional" (well, the Altoids tin is a recent tradition and probably I'bles fault).
clagster1 year ago
go here all you do is pay shipping

I'm down in S.E. Texas and I have good luck finding holiday Altoid tins at little mom-and-pop convenience stores. Most of them don't realize they are collector's items and they deal with them like any unsold holiday un-perishables.... they box them up after Christmas and pull them out the following year.

I get current and brand new Altoid tins at Target stores, and sometimes I get lucky at Dollar Tree, Dollar General, and Family Dollar stores.

I feel very lucky to say that I have a very decent collection. Also, all my friends and family know that I collect them and when they are out and about, or traveling, they always pick up any they see and bring them home to me.

framistan3 years ago
If you drive around asking smoke-shops about availability of free cigar boxes, you will likely us enough gasoline and time to make it more worth it to just buy some off of ebay. I ordered a set of ten empty cigar boxes from ebay, and they were all very nice ones made from wood. The price was only about ten dollars. So, you might be able to get some free, but i think the ebay route is the better deal.
FoolishSage3 years ago
Try shops where they sell cigars. They usually receive cigars in boxes of 10 or so and sell individually. If you ask nicely they might give you the empty boxes instead of throwing them away. They might even save them up for you.

Alternatively you can buy a box of cigars which includes a "free" cigar box (free because you pay for the cigars rather than the box).

I'm afraid I cannot help with altoids tins.
iceng3 years ago
Maybe where you live, here they are sought after collectables !!

Yes ! Free Cigar boxes it is widely available everywhere