Free Download?

THe free download for any other than education version is only for 1 month. Have I missed something?



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Great question! Autodesk's free Educational License currently lasts for 3 years. Sign up and learn more here: If you have questions or need support, please visit our support page:

Okay, I finally found it. The instructions how to activate the software for the free 3-year educational license are here:

You have to download the trial, then click on the trial counter and select "Register for Free Use". Then select either the student option or the start-up option. I haven't tested it yet because I'm still installing the trial.

Arisia00 Arisia008 months ago

It works. I would recommend changing the link in the Introduction page of this course to reflect these activation instructions. Also, there should be one minor correction to the System requirements. Fusion360 will also run just fine on Windows 7 x64 without SP1 installed. The x64 is the required part, not the SP1.

Cross_8 months ago

They have a free version for hobbyists which currently lasts 1 year. (Of course that means Autodesk could start charging for it after 1 year).

That's still not really free. A warning would have been nice, as I don't like to install software that expires or might ninja-bill me down the road.

It is free, you just have to renew the free license once a year.

They require the name of the educational institution and my enrollment period on the page you linked us to. What do we enter to get the free version?