Free photo editing program?

Hey, I recently got myself a sweet camera, and am now in need of a sweet photo editing program. I, being an extremely cheap guy, will not buy it. I WILL NOT! Anyway, Ive tried a few programs, including photofun studio, picasa, and another program that came with my computer. They all have at least one major flaw. So, I was hoping that you guys might be able to direct me to a good, free, editing program. Thanks guys!

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FrozenStar8 years ago
Find out if someone you know bought Photoshop (either via download or buying the disk) then ask if you could borrow it and install it on your computer (it allows use on up to 5 different computers). If they downloaded it then download the trail of whatever version they have and ask them for the key. If nobody you know has Photoshop download the trial for Photoshop elements 7. If you like it enough you may end up buying it (it's about $100-$150 I don't remember.
jamiec538 years ago
Try gimp or
Depends... if you like i could send you photoshop for free, just because i like your cannons!
I_am_Canadian (author)  RMConstruction8 years ago
Thanks, but I got it figured out already :-)
Look for Macromedia Fireworks. It is just like photoshop. If you are a student or buy a used copy, since macromedia was bought out by adobe, you get it for less than 100 dollars.
Thats an easy one GIMP is the best by far. I have edited family pictures to my avatar on GIMP
Storm9508 years ago
Pirate the best; Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended. Otherwise, GIMP or Paint.NET.
I_am_Canadian (author)  Storm9508 years ago
Thanks for the imput!
I agree with Storm, Paint.Net is excellent. I don't really like piracy, and I've been able to do about as much (if not more) than what I've been able to do with Photoshop. It's an easier interface as well.
Lol it's k.
knexsniper18 years ago
well, most computers already come with Adobe photoshop, and also, Gimp is a really good program as well.
bounty10128 years ago
Well, you could find a torrent to download Photoshop (but thats illegal) you could try GIMP, located here
Derin8 years ago
GIMP. Try this it's 100% free
matstermind8 years ago
fwjs288 years ago
General Image Manipulation Program or something like that or GIMP for short is what i mostly requires the .net foundation so GIMP is all but guaranteed to work, and it has tons of add ins and its i think GNU licensed
ll.13 fwjs288 years ago
GNU Image Manipulation Program ;)
fwjs28 ll.138 years ago
ahh, i was close, i should at least get a cookie :)
stale56 fwjs288 years ago
actually, GIMP is an image thingy too, so you where right! and btw, I'm out of cookies =0 (dont worry, i make them every monday and thursday) but you get a hug=)
fwjs28 stale568 years ago
oh hot damn! im in luck :) .....well, i said what i said above b/c i got the acronym wrong
first off: we have another azn!!! who isn't really azn. azns are cheap... if i were you i'd try some old versions of adobe photoshop since they are a few versions old, they just give them out for free
wilcurt8 years ago
Hey! Use GIMP portable from
The specific link you want is
ll.138 years ago
I_am_Canadian (author)  ll.138 years ago
Thanks! Ima try GIMP, picasa ruins my photos for some untold reason (like makes 2700x3000 photos 90-100).
Bartboy8 years ago
Gimp is probably the most common one for PC, but I just use paint, appleworks or pages.
sprout_less8 years ago
well i use photoshop because my dad is a photographer for his job but gimp is what you are going to want to go with it might be hard to learn at first but if you try hard enough youll get the hang of it or gimp as they are both good