Free power - is it feasible to get usable power from overhead HV wires ?

Is it possible to use induced power from below high voltage overhead cables ? - You can light a strip light tube from below them. Is it possible to utilise power from a receiver coil (or a bank of them) positioned underneath pylon cables ?

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NachoMahma8 years ago
. It is possible to get some power that way, but you will have to trespass on the power company's right-of-way to get close enough to the wires. Not to mention the theft of the power itself.
and7barton (author)  NachoMahma7 years ago
Near here (Poole, Dorset), there are high voltage overhead cables running right over residences. If you lived in one of those houses there'd be no problem with "Power company's right-of-way".
joeofloath8 years ago
My girlfriend has a power line going across some of her land. I'm going to jam a few flourescent tubes into the ground underneath the lines and see what happens :)
did it work?  *.*
                       U     just wonder'n
NikonDork8 years ago
Heh, I heard of a DEA raid on a an underground marijuana grow operation that stole power this way.
You can steal some power by inductively coupling a fluorescent tube to the near field of the power lines (if you happen to have some of these 400kV lines available). If you stole just a small amount, you probably would not get caught. You might also find these comments on Snopes helpful.

The far field... well, not so much. Mythbusters came up with a contraption that managed to collect 8 millivolts. The ideal length of antenna for catching 60 Hz electromagnetic waves is about 3100 miles long.

vince 098 years ago
possible ya illegal very lol all I have to say is don't get caught