Fresh Ginger: when using fresh ginger in cooking, do you peel it before using/cutting it?

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eatproperly5 years ago
It depends on how you're using it. If it's a flavouring in a stock or sauce that is going to be strained I wouldn't bother peeling it. I personally wouldn't peel it if I was going to grate it either. The only time is like steveastrouk says, when you are finely slicing it for Chinese food.
rickharris5 years ago
Ginger will freeze as well but is slightly soft when thawed - Not that this matters if your going to grate it any way.
lizzyastro5 years ago
If I need to I just peel it with an ordinary vegetable/potato peeler to remove the outer skin. If you grate unpeeled it the outer skin usually folds back as you grate and you can then discard it.
mole15 years ago
I peel it. By the way, you can keep it for months (peeled) in a jar covered with white vinegar -- keep the jar in the refrigerator. No more shrunken moldy ginger. When you want some, it's ready to go.
Usually yes. Although, a lot of Chinese recipes call for very thin slices to make an infusion, so then we leave the skin on.
+1 It depends on the recipe.
Jayefuu5 years ago
I never bother, but I usually grate it finely when using fresh ginger.