Fruit cakes?

When I bake fruit cakes, most of the raisins, sultanas, cherries sink to the bottom of the cake. I tried coating the fruits with flour but they still sink! why?

wold6309 months ago

Because they are heavy!! Coating them in flour is the right thing to do. If you chop them slightly and coat them in flour (make sure it's all purpose) before adding them to the batter they won't be as heavy and won't sink to the bottom. If your recipe uses cake flour try substituting all-purpose flour instead. It's more coarse than cake flour and will help the raisins stay mixed in the batter. Also, if your batter is very thin the raisins, or other mix-ins, will easily sink. Try decreasing the amount of liquid to create a thicker batter!

I am not sure if the fruit get any lighter if they are coated in flour. My guess has always been that the flour becomes wet and sticky, and forms sort of a glue between the batter and the fruit; causing more friction and preventing the fruit from sinking before the batter has started to set.