GEARS, where can i buy them?

Does anyone know of a store that sells gears? Preferably in the toronto area. i have attached some photos of what i am looking for. This was attached to a motor with a 3/16" axle. I would like the new one to also have a 3/16" hole to accept the same sized axle. Thanks!

Picture of GEARS, where can i buy them?
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If you want to put a hole in the hardened steel gear ,you have to make it soft first. You can soften the gear by heating it until its red hot. Then bury it right away in a pile of sand,and let it cool slowly. After it cools it should drill easily. Depending upon the application you have in mind for the gear, you may not need to harden it again. But if you do want to try , there are metal working sites on the web that describe heat treating of metals.
luch (author)  Zengineer16188 years ago
That's great info! If the mold doesn't pan out, I will try this. Thanks for sharing!
squirt85008 years ago
you could try this instructable
luch (author)  squirt85008 years ago
Great Instructable! thanks for sharing this link. I think this will do the trick!
Are you trying to replace this gear with an identical one, or a differently sized/toothed one? As this is: you'd need to look for a machine shop, and in this case... look for someone who doesn't mind working with very small parts. Unfortunatly, this could be very costly. You could probably scavange or buy assorted gears, from junk or from a surplus store. Getting one to fit on your axel, is a whole 'nother kettle of fish. You'll need luck, a few tools, and a lot of ingenuity.
luch (author)  DELETED_GuardianFox8 years ago
I would like one that is exactly the same size/tooth. I have tried drilling a hole in the one that I have, but the steel is to hard. I used cobalt bits (made to cut steel), with oil to keep the bit from getting too hot, and drilled at a slow speed. I barley made a dent after about 10 minutes of drilling. Thats when I posted this. Thanks for responding so quickly, I will try my luck at a local surplus store. and an RC shop like mentioned above. Thanks!
Identical size/tooth is unlikely to crop up. This is a case of call the manufacturer.
luch (author)  DELETED_GuardianFox8 years ago
I just carved one from a wood dowel that is the same circumference as the original gear. i works well so far, but i don't expect the life span to be very long. So, I am going to see if i can get a plastic dowel and then carve it out of that. Thanks for your help!
omnibot luch8 years ago
I suggest making a mold so you can do several in various materials. Also a lost-wax molding could work if you can melt metals.
luch (author)  omnibot8 years ago
Great idea! I will give it a try!
There are only a few common gear 'templates' (called hobbs) in manufacturing. It is very likely that for a given diameter and tooth number that about 1 in 3 will be the same.
vince 098 years ago
have you tried like a hobby shop, you know RC car gears. would that work?
luch (author)  vince 098 years ago
Thanks! I will give this a try.