GMO sun flower seeds, how can I tell?

Hi fellow instrucablers,
I planted some sunflowers a while ago and recently I collected the seeds from the flowers and replanted them.  The original seeds were from a packet which I threw away.  I've planted the new seeds and it's been a week and the haven't sprouted, I'm not sure if I was really unlucky or if the seeds have been genetically modified in order for them not to grow new plants.   I still have some seeds left over so I was wondering if there was anyway to tell if they have been modified somehow.
Thanks a ton

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tylervitale5 years ago
I doubt that they wouldn't grow. I grew sunflowers one year in my garden, and for every year since, I always get at least one growing from a seed that fell on the ground.
Like canucksgirl said, be patient. The typical germination rate of sunflower seeds is 10-14 days. Also, most seeds germinate faster if the ambient temperature is higher. try growing them in a warm spot.
If all else fails, you might consider doing a test on one or more of the seeds with a growth hormone such as gibberellic acid, which accelerates germination time. Gibberellic acid is a natural plant hormone, and even if it is used on plants, they can still be certified organic by the FDA. Just be careful to read the instructions and not use too much, as it can actually kill the plant.

Also, If I remember correctly, seeds do have to be dried for a certain time before you can use them. I.E, you can't pick a seed off a sunflower and plant it right away. You have to wait a while. Unfortunately, I don't remember the exact time...
SirNoodlehe (author)  tylervitale5 years ago
Thanks, so far three more have sprung out, it took about two weeks after I put them in the ground for them to sprout :D
pam.barone2 years ago

There are currently no genetically modified sunflower seeds in the US market. One variety has been approved in Canada but it is not widely available commercially. On the other hand, there are a lot of hybrid sunflower varieties. Sunflowers can hybridize naturally or they can be hybridized by growers to produce plants that have different characteristics than the parent plants. A hybridized plant may produce seed that will not be true to type. That just means the seed produced may not grow into the same variety as the plant you got it from. Interesting bit about sunflowers - the hulls of a sunflower seed will inhibit sprouting of other plants. Pretty clever adaptation!

kelseymh5 years ago
All seeds have been "modified." Unless you find a completely wild (undomesticated) plant and collect seeds from it, you are growing "genetically modified" seeds. Get over it.
And even wild plants pollinate with other wild plants so they too will have some degree of random genetic modification.....
They don't have to be GMO to not grow new plants - see "F1 hybrid"
canucksgirl5 years ago
Be patient. The germination rate of sunflower seeds is 10-14 days in the right conditions.

I'm not so sure there is a way to determine a GMO seed or not.