Gentleman, what was the best gift you ever recieved? The most unique?

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seandogue8 years ago
Lol =smart=...

Gosh, a tie? a pair of socks? a new oversized dress shirt? a three pack of fruit of the loom underwear? A knick-nack for my coffee table...

Oh, I know...a little gizmo for making fires...flint and steel...believe it or not...(as an adult that is) sheez and giggles last time I went camping...every fire started the same and my toy and a little pile of dryer lint. Don't even THINK about getting in my way when I'm lighting a camp fire!
I wanna Mig welder.
landmanhall8 years ago
Anything he doesn't normally receive. Parents and siblings give shirts, wallets, ties etc, his buddies give beer, game tickets, tools etc. A Love interest should give him something no one else would (or should). I like to get tools and things to make my life easier or more productive but I also like video games. Another shot glass for the collection is appreciated but anyone could buy that. Good liquor is always a gift to be remembered (The Glenlevet 15 year). I cannot argue with the March 14th suggestion. I buy steak when I want and my girlfriend has no problems celebrating that way all the time but I fully support making this an official holiday!!!!!
I always thought it was an official holiday... And the best gift i ever got was my digital camera, it really opens your mind when you see some scenes that are good enough for one of those "epic" shots.
rich_moe8 years ago
We all know what Feb. 14th is in most of the U.S. But there is a movement for the Male of the species to have a day as well, and that is March 14th. Go ahead and do an Internet search for March 14th, and most males will agree that this is probably one of the most memorable and unique gifts that a man can ever receive. Hint: it has to do with food and sex...
benthekahn8 years ago
MIG welder. With all the trimmings.
=SMART=8 years ago
Stephen hawking gave me a black hole generator... i miss my dog ....