Germinating Apple Seeds?

Has anyone here ever successfully germinated seeds from store-bought apples? if yes, how should I proceed?

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the Answer :-- Germinating Apple Seeds
Get a small 3 - 4" pot with holes in the bottom. Put your soil mix in it and water it. You want the soil level to be about an inch and a half from the rim after watering. Take your little sprout and gently set it on top of the moist soil mix with the sprout pointing upwards. Gently add dry soil around and on top of the seed part (not the sprout). Using a clean spray bottle with water, mist the dry soil until moist. Set in a well lit (not direct sun), area. Mist it every other day for about a week. Then water it only when the top inch of soil begins to dry out. THIS
Your "THIS" is a great link!

Some plant need a period of cold to germinate properly, as described in this article.
wparkin6 years ago
the easiest way ive found, id harvest (gently!) the seeds from the fruit of your choice, keeping in mind they will not grow `true to seed`, the apples will not be exactly the same from parent to offspring, due to the pollen from other trees fertilizing the apple. not to say it wont produce delicious fruit. harvest the seeds, put them aside, no treatment is necessary directly to the seeds, but a rinse in cool water wont do any harm if theres any apple on them. youll need a ziplock baggie and a paper towel. get the paper towel moist, not sopping wet, just moist. depending on the size of your ziplock baggie, fold it accordingly. before you fold it to the exact size of the baggie, on the last fold, place the seeds you wish to grow about an inch away from each other on the wet paper towel. place the wet paper towel in the ziplock bag, and seal it, keeping your little finger in the zipper so it doesnt close completely and allows air flow. the idea is to retain moisture, but not suffocate the seeds. place the baggie in the fridge, and forget about it! in about two weeks, you should see beginning germination of your apple seeds. ive also done pear seeds this same way with great success. always place more seeds than you want in the paper towel, as some wont end up growing. when the roots are anywhere from a half inch to two inches long, you can plant them into soil pots untill they get bigger, or straight into the ground. i like to plant them in pots while the roots are short, that way they dont have a chance to burrow into the paper towel, making removing them a bit difficult. if it happens, simply cut around the root, and plant the seed, paper towel and all. good luck!
You rock, mate! Thanks!
I have a neighbour, who's tree produces the finest apples I've had the pleasure to steal and eat!

I can now produce my OWN!


nicelly5 years ago
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nicelly5 years ago
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triumphman6 years ago
To Germinate seeds, send them to Germany! Wow that was lame! So solly!
Watch out for irradiated apples as I'm told they will not grow or at least not well/properly.
That would be true since radiation is meant to sterilise the fruit. It removes the harmful microorganisms like fungi or bacteria, but the side effect is that the apple's seeds are either sterile (nothing can grow out of them) or their DNA is damaged to some degree (meaning the plant doesn't grow properly).
aeray6 years ago
Note: Apples do not "breed true". There is no guarantee that the tree you grow will produce apples anything like the apples the seeds came from. That is why all commercial apple trees are grafted, not germinated. Known rootstock + known fruitstock = tasty apple. Apple seed = who knows.
I think we get our wide variety of apple types from the random trees that grow from random seeds. So it's a crapshoot. He may get a wonderful apple no one has ever had before that's good for eating out of hand and lasts in the cellar for 6 months, or he may get crabapples that the deer would love and might make passable hard cider if mixed with another variety

Even if the apples are poor, I have seen apple trees with several varieties of apples and even pears all grafted on to the mother rootstock.
rickharris6 years ago
You should be able to get the seeds to grow from most apples BUT it is rare for them to breed true or to produce eatable apples. - Most apples are crossed with crab apples - Bitter and small wild apples and their DNA tends to be dominant.

BUT Genetics being what they are there is a chance.

Commercially Apples are reproduced by grafting.
Reminds me of the victory gardens my parents used to talk about.
iPodGuy6 years ago
I have an 8 year old apple tree that I grew from a seed in a store-bought apple.

It's a pretty tree although the apples it may eventually grow will probably be gross.
Re-design6 years ago
Check out the link by "avadhut10001" and read the article.

If you don't have good luck with the apple tree, in the fall find a live oak tree and pick up a hand full of acorns. These sprout very easily using the paper towel method or just pushing half way down into potting soil and keeping it moist.
They sprout pretty good in damp moss as my lawn tractor can attest to having mowed down thousands of the little beggars trying to grow in my lawn!
jensenr30 (author)  Re-design6 years ago
i will have to try that! thanks!
ltnemo20006 years ago
The mechanism by which seeds germinate is called imbibition. Seeds suck in water and the enzymes get to work. To make this happen, put a wet paper towel in a plastic bag. Put the seeds between the towel and plastic. Tape it up in a window or somewhere warm so the process is faster. if the apple isn't a sterile hybrid, you should have sprouts in about 2 days.
orksecurity6 years ago
Websearching "germinate apple seeds" finds some information. Though I suspect that at least some of the store-bought hybrids are infertile and are propagating by cuttings or by grafting onto another variety's root stock or by breeding them from their parent strains every time