Get creases out of clothes that an iron and starch cannot handle...?

Boyfriend bought a nice button down shirt today. Unfortunately it has random creases along the edge down the side with the buttons. It can be hidden if he decides to button up the shirt, but he usually doesn't wear these shirts that way. I have seen these creases before in other garments but no matter how much time I spend ironing and trying to keep it smooth, once I wash it the creases come back. Does anyone know how to fix this or even what causes the fabric to do this? Thanks a bunch!!!

Kiteman6 years ago
Lay a slightly damp (cotton) cloth over the fabric.
lemonie6 years ago
It's 100% cotton perhaps?
I'll guess that the creases come in on the spin-cycle, so you might try skipping that and letting it drip-dry before ironing.
Otherwise abandon it and get another shirt with more synthetic fibres in it.

rickharris6 years ago
Assuming this is a natural fabric - Spray the material with a fine water spray - It sounds as if your trying to iron them too dry. If man made then use more heat BUT take care not to melt the fabric. Irons with a non stick surface work better.

Alternatively use a steam iron - same principle.

Putting aluminium foil UNDER the top cover of the ironing board also helps as it reflects the heat back to the clothes.
sshuggi6 years ago
It could be that when you dry them the fabric shrinks, and since the creases were more or less made into it from where it was folded after manufacturing, those creases are more susceptible to the shrinking. (Just a guess.) My suggestion, let them tumble on low/no heat, and hang dry them while they're still a bit damp. I think my mother does this for the same reason that you just described.