Getting a broken screw out of mdf?

Okay I have this problem with a screw being stuck. 
It's a small screw size, like maybe #10, but can't tell. It's stuck in 3/4 inch mdf, and it goes through the mdf. I've tried everything to get it out. Pliers don't work, and I absolutely CAN NOT drill out a larger hole. 
I tried super gluing a nut to it (yes, I know, stupid idea) didn't work.
Only other idea I have is possibly welding a nut onto it, but I have no access to any kind of welder. I can get a butane torch with interchangeable 'soldering' tips, but I think I could possibly do a cheap tack weld that way if it gets hot enough.
Other than that, does anyone have any ideas on what I can do? I'd like to preserve the threads as I will be using the same hole. 

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Vyger3 years ago

Vise grips. Clamp them to the stub, sideways and just twist them around. That is if there is a stub visible. If not cut a slot in it with a dremel

rickharris3 years ago

If you use heat you will burn the MDF and perhaps spoil it.

Your best bet is drill a suitable size hole in the head and then:

use an easy out.

Use a left handed drill of a suitable size.

Force a length of rod in the hold and remove with pliers or similer

xander.zoolander (author)  rickharris3 years ago

It has no head, the head broke off.

You can still drill down the shank.

In most case a second screw will just go down the side of the original and give a firm hold anyway if the head has sheared off.

Burf3 years ago

Based on the criteria you've set, the only thing I can think of that will work is a "hollow screw extractor." The extractor will bore a dimensioned hole (1/4", 5/16" or 3/8") around the broken screw and grip the broken screw and extract it, ( the extractor is left handed.) You can then fill the hole with a dowel of the appropriate size.

I got my extractor set some years ago from Rockler hardware.

xander.zoolander (author)  Burf3 years ago

I can't bore a hole out. I need to replace the broken screw (which it has no head) with a non-broken screw, and I'm afraid boring out the hole and plugging it with a dowel won't work because of vibrations.

Then the only other way I can think of is to gently chip away the wood around the broken screw until enough is exposed to get a grip on it with long nose Vise Grip ( locking) pliers and back the screw out.