Getting started with arduino?

So I'm going to purchase an arduino Uno soon to make some robots. I already know how to program so that shouldn't be a worry, but I'm not exactly sure what motors and motor controllers work together. I want to get a geared motor for higher torque. Can someone point me in the right direction for motors and motor controllers. Also wheels to fit on those motors would be good too. With the arduino and all I would like to keep this under $100 and I only really need 2 motors.

nothinglabs6 years ago
the main variables you want to look at when trying to match motor drivers to motors are voltage and current.

ie - a given motor controller is usually rated for a certain max amount of current (amps / milliamps) and a certain voltage range (min and max).

motors are also rated for a given current draw at a certain voltage.

(they also have wheels / etc)

increasing the voltage to a motor increases the current it draws.

the worst-case is the stall current - the current drawn when the motor is prevented from moving. if you plan around the stall current - you can be sure you won't overtax your motor controller.

some motor controllers will blow if you try to draw to much current - others will shutdown more politely.

I'm somewhat biased - but my instructable at:

provides info on making some cheap motor controllers from radio shack parts.

a pre-made motor driver option specifically for arduino is offered by adafruit:

I have not used it - but it appears to be a good deal.

may also want to poke around and

good luck!
jeff-o6 years ago
Do a search here and maybe at You're sure to find a wealth of information in just these two places.
orksecurity6 years ago
Tried looking at any of the existing instructables, or books, about the Arduino? There _must_ be motor control circuits thereat.