Girl trouble: Need help finding a good time and place to ask a girl out.

So there's this girl in my class that I really like but she never seems to be alone she always seems to be with her friends and I can't find a good time to ask her out.

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seandogue8 years ago could always approach her and say, "Hey , so I was wondering, could I talk with you alone for a sec?", then take it from there.
Works does it ?
yes, it actually does, although I haven't used that approach in twenty years. (except don't call her babe-alicous)
V-Man7378 years ago
There's nothing wrong with asking while her friends are there. It might even give the added effect that you're asking her and not any of her friends. If you feel like you have to talk to her alone, she might think you're embarrassed about wanting to ask her out.